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Urban Adventures

Need to get outdoors - for a walk or run? Want to get the kids outdoors for exercise and fresh air?

Navigation sports provide you with the opportunity to venture outdoors and enjoy Melbourne's parks and gardens. Learn how to read maps, how to navigate from point to point, get a little exercise and keep in touch with friends and fellow participants via FaceBook

We believe this can be done with minimal risk - provided we understand the issues and take sensible precautions. 

Scroll down for latest News/Updates

Latest News/Updates

  • RunFree Lives! - the site is now operational and the first events have been published (see Eastern Suburbs Maps). Western maps are coming today. 
  • People are taking part! - we're thrilled to see that people have gone out and enjoyed our first event. 
  • MapRun is Here - thanks to Bayside Kangaroos Orienteering Club for access to their many MapRun activities in the Western Suburbs. We'll be registering all of our events through MapRun from here on. Want to know more about MapRun?

Social Distancing - Sensible Precautions

An initial list - stay informed and follow the advice of public health authorities


If you're feeling unwell, stay home

Be considerate of others; if you're feeling unwell or have a cold or sniffle, stay home. 


Avoid contact with others

When visiting a local park, there may be others present. By all means be courteous, but stay at least 2-3 metres back from them.


Avoid touching surfaces

Take soap and a water bottle with you. Wash hands before setting out and immediately on return. Use the water bottle to rinse your hands. Air dry your hands before driving home.


Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

Your hands are the most likely part of the body to pick up viruses. If contaminated, hands can transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth and make you sick. 

How does it Work?

Download free maps and the activity associated with them.
Get outdoors, have fun and then let others know how you did.
As an added bonus - use MapRun to record your run and everything gets published automatically

Pick a Challenge near you 

We plan to provide maps and courses in lots of areas in Melbourne.  Pick one near you, one that looks interesting or one that looks fun.

Download the Selected Map

Once you've selected a map/challenge, just download a PDF copy of the map. Then print it yourself or take it to Officeworks (B&W 10 cents, colour 70 cents). 


Run or Walk the Course

Head to the start location - shown on the map as a triangle. When ready, start your watch/GPS and get going. Go fast or take the scenic route - your choice! 

Upload your Result

At the moment, we have an online presence in Facebook. Soon, we'll provide a gateway here so you can upload your result to our LeaderBoards and automatically export to sporting websites such as Strava.

Let's get started!

Where can I walk or run?

As the background here suggests, there are maps and courses all
over Melbourne. If there isn't a map near you please get in touch

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