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MapRun - GPS Orienteering

Use your mobile phone to record
your run and then publish the result. 

Welcome to the 21st Century! No need to carry a card around and use ancient pin punches to record the controls you visit - let your mobile phone or GPS do it for you.

MapRunF is the latest version of the MapRun application. Available on both Android and iPhone mobile devices, this application provides you with the ability to run our courses (and courses set up by others) without stopping at controls. As you approach a control, your phone beeps to let you know you've arrived. Use the paper map to navigate and the phone to record your progress. Easy!

So why MapRun?

  1. NO CONTROLS - no need to put out controls and orienteering flags, so it's easier for organisers. As a result, courses can be left open for as long as we want.
  2. TOUCH NOTHING - in the current environment this is a huge benefit! The mobile phone knows the GPS coordinates for each control and it registers your arrival at the control as you run within 4-5 metres of the right location.
  3. INSTANT RESULTS - as you run back into the finish, MapRun beeps to let you know you've arrived. It automatically uploads your result to the MapRun Server and you can, if you wish, upload to Strava at the same time.
  4. ROUTEGADGET UPLOAD - as an added bonus, MapRun exports your track to RouteGadget - an orienteering program that lets you view your track and the tracks of others on the same course. 

MapRun Instructions


First - Install MapRunF on your phone 

Download MapRunF app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. If MapRun is already installed on your phone please update to version 4.7.2+42 or higher.

Accept prompts for notification and location

Enter your details into the MapRunF app (name, postcode etc). All details are required. 

Your first MapRun Event

Before Going Out

Print a copy of the map.

Charge your phone; make sure your power saving mode is not turned on.

(Optional) Load the event before you leave home:

Click SELECT EVENT then “Victoria” followed by “Run Free” and then select the course name from the list in the next section below.  

At the Start Location

If you downloaded the event at home you can now click GO TO START.

Otherwise, Open the MaprunF App and:


- select your course: RF “Map name“ followed by Bike, Run or Walk. ie “RF The Strand Run”


The phone will beep or vibrate and the event timing will commence.

The phone display will show that you have visited the Start and you can start your course.

As you visit each control, the phone should beep and the control turns green.  The phone display shows the number of controls visited and the last control number.  

At the Finish

You will get a beep for the Finish control - F goes green.

If you have an internet connection the results should automatically upload to the MapRun server.

Upload to Strava if you wish.

If the phone is still asking you to upload Results, check that your mobile data is turned on.

You can then view all scores and/or my results (tracking, splits, rate, distance, etc.)

MapRun results can also be found at 

More information about MapRun Results and what they all mean can be found in this document produced by Ed Bucknall

© Copyright 2020 - Suburban Adventures - All maps/resources freely available on a Creative Commons basis